Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spring Zoo Pictures

This is the male Tiger who was roaring out to all the visitors. He could be heard at the Snow Leopard exhibit. According to Zookeepers the Tigress and 3 cubs are out during late afternoon. We have not seen them in awhile.

The Serval is located at an exhibit across from the Mandrill. This pic is from a one minute video we shot as the Serval was walking around the exhibit to find the pieces of meat the Zookeeper left out.

One of the two Bears walking around the watering hole. Across from the Bears you will see the Hippo. They are also next to the Tiger exhibit. The Rhino is also in the same location.

This is one of the Ocelots getting ready to lie down. There are three viewing sections where patrons can see the Ocelots. This is located across from the petting zoo in the children's zoo section.